Stillwater Active

As part of the Stillwater group, Stillwater Active offers clients a unique full-service activation solution by integrating your brand into our lifestyle events. Our high quality, popular events provide a platform for an ideal and significantly large target market to engage with, and build loyalty to the brand through their experience.

Stillwater Active combines our marketing and promotional expertise with our national network of extensive warehousing and transportation infrastructure in order to facilitate professional and exciting promotions.

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Our Stillwater Active Team

We take pride in the fact that we have the best team in the business.


Stillwater Active

Gerold Druker

Team Leader – Activation Gerold has a big job! He translates the event plans hatched on paper into reality. He builds the venues of events and has to make a venue both practical and exciting without compromising on safety and security. He also understand branding and how best to activate, which makes him the go-to branding guy at events.
Stillwater Active

Dezroy Poole

Director - Logistics  As a Director of the Stillwater Group, Dezroy oversees Stillwater Active.

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