Stillwater Group

We are a dynamic team of passionate industry-leaders. By designing, organising and marketing high quality sports events for athletes and lifestyle sports enthusiasts we help people pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer

Managing Director

Michael’s vision for the Stillwater Group has driven the growth of the Stillwater Group, from an events business to a multi-faceted sports marketing solutions business. As a manager and coach to some of South Africa’s best track and field athletes during the reintegration period, he was fortunate to be a part of multiple Olympic Games, World Athletics Championships, various major city marathons, as well as some of the world’s leading endurance events. The opportunity to create unique sporting experiences in Africa, as well as the drive to deliver value for returns on sponsored sporting investments formed the cornerstone of the sports marketing philosophy that Michael has envisioned for the Stillwater Group. With a background in law, Michael has successfully brought much needed professionalism to the sports marketing field.

Dezroy Poole

Dezroy Poole

Director: Events and Logistics

Previously part of the teaching profession, Dezroy followed his passion into sports, teaming up with Michael in 2003. Having been involved in all levels of South African sport, including serving as a Development Officer of the International Triathlon Union, Dezroy understands the balance between the participant experience and a well managed safe event. As a triathlete, Dezroy is continuously looking for novel ways to improve the participant experience, as well as ensuring maximum value for both sponsors and athletes.

Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose

A successful entrepreneur and investment management specialist, Bernard contributes a wealth of sound business experience, as well as innovative commercial strategy and solid corporate governance to our dynamic team of professionals. Bernard is a former CEO and co-founder of Ifula Holdings, and has since focused his interests on family office initiatives in the areas of technology, trading and private equity endeavors.
He is also known as one of SA’s best ever distance runners, having run a 2:12 marathon in 1983. Bernard also served as CEO of Athletics South Africa from 1994 – 1999 and was instrumental in turning a bankrupt entity into a flourishing user friendly organisation for both sponsors and athletes alike.


    Stillwater Active

    We know how to activate your brand at major sports lifestyle events.  We have a national network to house, transport, maintain and protect your brand assets.  Our regular reporting delivers the desired results.


    Newsport Media

    With the production of more than 40 TV shows each year, we offer you great coverage for your brand.  Our productions are fully integrated with YouTube and other popular social media channels so that you can easily expand and enhance your social media footprint.


    Stillwater Sports

    We are leaders in lifestyle sports marketing and know how to optimally associate your brand with some of South Africa’s best managed, most popular lifestyle sports events.

The Stillwater Marketing Model

The SMM is focused on achieving maximum return on investment (ROI) for our clients. The SMM model determines the return specifically for the client and also the most effective way to achieve this return.

In addition, the SMM focuses on three pillars:

  1. The entrant, who has chosen to take part in the event and expects a memorable experience
  2. The sponsor, who has chosen to sponsor the event and wishes to achieve maximum return
  3. The community, who kindly host the event

Over the last year, the SMM has undergone radical change to accommodate the digital dynamics of the age we live in.

Our Community

Our hearts are in what we do, and Stillwater makes respectful and meaningful contributions to the communities in the areas where our events take place. Both our clients and participants alike enjoy that by taking part in Stillwater lifestyle sports events they engage in uplifting under-resourced communities, promote sports inclusivity and protect the environment. Some of the beneficiaries supported by Stillwater include The Pink Drive, Still Good Enuff Foundation,, JAG, the Cape Leopard Trust, Rotary, the Sunflower Fund and various other job creation projects.

In the end, an entrant will judge an event by their desire to return or not. For a sponsor, it will amount to an assessment of return on investment. Stillwater has achieved great success in applying this model to all our clients, to ensure we continue to seek innovative and relevant ways to improve the business of our clients.


The Stillwater Experience

We work with passion and innovation to design and deliver outstanding lifestyle sports events that attract thousands of participants and their families. We take pride in seamless event management that delivers the highest quality, full service lifestyle sports experiences, which is why many of our participants return.




Our Events Include